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What is Bombs Away?

Bombs Away is a 3D multi-platform non symmetircal multiplayer experience where up to five players can join in the fun. Four keyboard players take control of robots in a rotating arena full of tricks and traps. One mouse player assumes the role of "The Overseer" as he or shee controls the arena's rotation and activates hazards in an attempt to take down the other players.

The goal of the keyboard players is to use bombs planted around the stage and the enviornmental hazards to destroy the other competing robots in an attempt to be the "Last Bot Standing". The goal of the mouse player is to eliminate all of the robots on the stage through rotation, planting bombs, and activating hazards such as spike pits. There are two dinstinct styles of play to choose from to add variety and challenge for everyone playing.

Bombs Away features stylized cartoon graphics and animations. The game uses 3D graphics on a flat, 2D platforming arena utilizing the Unity engine. It also features a full soundtrack of original music to complement the hectic combat on-screen. With simple gameplay and easy-to-pick up controls, we want everyone to be able to join in the fun!

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How to Play

Bombs Away features two different styles of play. Here are the control schemes for each of them.




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Meet the Team

WeMadeAGame is a group of students in the Digital Media program at Drexel University. They worked together over the course of nine months from the initial concept to final product. Click each of their pictures below to view their full portfolios.

Dan Fornace - Project Lead Steve Tomayo - Lead Artist Owen Douglass - Lead Audio James Czuy - Lead Game Design

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